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RF Liposuction with Skin Tightening

Are you unwilling to wait long for your skin to tighten and return to normal after liposuction? We've got a solution to your problem. Now, body shaping, and skin, tightening is possible with just one procedure for the first time in Gujarat, state of the art technology, and 27 years of professional experience are now blended into one package. We have got Body Tight a minimally invasive body shaping machine. The machine is the first of its sought to be acquired in Ahmedabad, India.

With body type, you can achieve the figure of your dreams. How does it work? It monitors real-time deep fat areas on the skin, it's directional Radio Frequency (RF) builds temperature for the different treatments related to tissue layers or fat layers. It regulates heating to prevent over treating and undertreating of areas.

Contouring is the most popular aesthetic procedure in cosmetic medicine and the optimal solution requires a minimally, traumatic local reduction of adipose tissue combined with significant skin contraction. The Body Tight contouring, procedure uses radio frequency energy for fat liquification and collagen contraction. RF current flows from the internal cannula towards the external electrode placed on the skin surface. RF power is regulated based upon online measurements of skin temperature and tissue impedance, the heat generated around the cannula tip coagulates blood vessels and liquefies fat to reduce post-operative pain, bruising and edema.

Uniform RF thermal exposure, aids in smooth and even contour results. Simultaneous coagulation and aspiration of adipose tissue makes Body Tight a rapid one stage procedure. Thermal contraction of fibrous septae, and dermal collagen results in immediate body contouring which continues to improve over the next six months.