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Smile Surgery

Smile makeover surgery involves undergoing a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that enhance the smile and provide whiter teeth. These procedures transform your smile and take away the obvious aging shown by your teeth; hence they are called smile makeovers. Candidates for smile makeover surgery include those with crooked teeth, those with chipped or broken teeth, those with gaps between their teeth, those with gummy smiles, stained or discolored teeth and other tooth problems.

The procedure involves the creation of an impression of the patient’s existing teeth. The impression is sent to a lab with instructions as to what the teeth should look like. The laboratory then creates a waxed model of the teeth’s new look. After the patient and doctor agree on the appearance of the waxed model and make any changes needed, the lab is given the approval to make the new teeth for the smile makeover. The dentist prepares the teeth and takes a new impression of the teeth with a temporaryversion of the new smile makeover look. Three to four weeks later, the temporaries are removed and the final restorations are bonded to the new teeth.